Tutorial: How to Apply False Eyelashes

Step 1:
Measure the false lash against the natural lash to ensure the proper length. Cut the lash from the glue strip. Never cut the lashes.


Step 2:
Bend the lash back and forth, creating a horseshoe shape so the lash contours to the curvature of the eye.


Step 3:
Apply the glue to the lash strip by creating a pool of glue and dragging the lash through it.


Step 4:
Allow the glue to dry to a semitransparent color.


Step 5:
Apply the false lashes as close to the natural lash as possible, ensuring the inside and outside edges are secure. You may use the end of a brush to push the lash in place.


Step 6:
Allow to dry.

Bonus Tip:
If necessary, use Motives® Lustrafy Mascara to blend the natural lash with the false lash.


100MLG-Motives-Lash-AdhesiveHow to apply Motives Lash Adhesive (100MLG) and Motives False Eyelashes:

  • Measure false lash width and trim.
  • Hold with tweezers and apply Lash Adhesive to the base.
  • Allow glue to dry slightly.
  • With tweezer or flat synthetic brush, push lashes into lash line all the way from corner to corner.
  • Take tweezers and gently squeeze false lashes and natural lashes together.
  • Open eye and repeat on other eye.

Motives® False Eyelashes in Bombshell

Source: Motives Application Manual

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