Tutorial: How to Apply Eyeliner

Motives Cosmetics EyelinersEyeliners are a perfect tool to reshape and define the eyes as well as help the eyes stand out. There are a variety of eyeliners and each creates a slightly different look.

Motives® Khol Eyeliner creates a more natural look, while Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner gives a bold look. To achieve a dramatic eye look, such as the winged look, use Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line or Motives Liquid Eyeliner.

For a liner that lasts all day or for those who constantly touch or rub their eyes, try Motives Waterproof Eye Pencil.

A favorite look of stunning beauties since the 1950’s is achieved by rimming the inner corner and inner lower lash with a white eyeliner, like Motives Khol Eyeliner in Angel. This opens up the eyes, making them appear brighter.

To apply, gently pull the lid away from the eye and draw a line along the upper and lower eye rim. You can also put a little in the inner corner of your eye.


For all eyeliners, here is a basic application technique to create defined eyes. You can do this  with khol, gel, liquid or a pen eyeliner.

Step 1:
If applying on yourself, sit in front of a Motives Makeup Mirror (100MUM). For all eyeliners, here is a basic application technique to  create defined eyes. You can do this with khol, gel, liquid or a pen eyeliner.

Step 2:
Gently pull the eyelid taut with your index finger.


Step 3:
Starting on the inner corner of the eye, draw a thin line that progressively gets thicker toward the outer corner of the eye. For a more dramatic look, extend the eyeliner a bit more than the natural lash line, sweeping it out in an upward motion.


Applying eyeliner will become easier the more you practice. Try drawing lines on your hand to feel the texture and weight of the eyeliner. Then pull the lid taut with the index finger of your free hand as you glide the eyeliner across your lash line with a smooth continuous stroke. Retrace the line to make it thicker. Motives Waterproof Eye Pencils come with a smudging tool built into the end of them for perfect blending. Smudging with a cotton swab will help you blend the Khol Eyeliners. Both eyes must look identical to maintain a polished appearance.

For a dramatic look, use Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line. The felt tip delivers a gorgeously smooth line with ease. Go thin and delicate or bold and sexy.

Source: Motives Application Manual

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