Pale Mint Highlighted Eyes

We’ve got step-by-step instructions for Maryam Maquillage‘s pictorial of a flawless spring cut-crease look!

  1. Apply Motives Eye Base  all over the lid.
  2. Using Motives Khol Eyeliner in “Suede”, outline the cut-crease a few mm’s above the natural crease and blend upward towards the brow. Extend the outer corner and connect the wing to the cut crease. Outline the lower lash line and draw a second wing. This is the “blueprint” of the look.
  3. Using a detailing crease brush, apply a mixture of “Native” & “Aubergine” shades from the Motives Mavens Element Palette on top of the Khol liner above the cut-crease line. Also smudge the lower lash liner using the same mixture.
  4. Using a flat concealer or eyeshadow brush, apply the pale mint shadow from the Motives Fantasy Palette on the blank part of the lid. Concentrate the shadow on the inner portion & tear duct and blend out the color past the center of the lid.
  5. Flip the brush and apply the sky blue shadow from the Motives Fantasy Palette on the outer portion of the lid and layer on top of the mint in the center of the lid to blend the two together.
  6. Line the top lash line using “Little Black Dress” Mineral Gel Eyeliner and thicken the outer wing. Next, drag the liner back from the tip of the wing toward the center of the lid, along the cut-crease line. This shape will very in size, depending on individual eye shape.
  7. Add the “Shell” eyeshadow from the Motives Mavens Element Palette to the brow bone and in the space between the two wings. Sharpen the second wing with a bit of gel liner.
  8. Add mascara and false lashes.

And for your reference, here is a color chart that reference the colors in the Motives Mavens Element Palette that was used in this look.

Element Pallete Color Names

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  1. This look is divine!
    The mint color is perfect for Easter 🙂