Motives Cosmetics Products Discontinued in 2015 and 2016


Beauty Care Products to Be Discontinued

Motives continues to evaluate the hottest trends offered in the beauty industry. As we prepare to bring you the latest offerings, we have decided to discontinue certain products. These products will continue to offer 2% Cashback while supplies last.

Motives for La La Nail Lacqure
Avenue | Code: 5000MNP
| Code: 5003MNP

Motives Eye Shadow Quads
Stormy Nights | Code: 107MQ

Motives Mineral Lipstick
Cleopatra | Code: 118ML
Mimosa | Code: 139ML

Motives Moisture Rich Lipstick
Oh So Fab | Code: 112MRL

Motives Pressed Eye Shadow
Crystal Blue | Code: 125MES
Pink Diamond | Code: 139MES
Sequins | Code: 124MES

Motives Rich Formula Lipstick
Pink Rose | Code: 209ML
Pink Sand | Code: 213ML

There are limited quantities remaining, so pick up your favorite products before they are gone.

Announcing Discontinued Beauty Care Products

Please note that the following beauty care products have been discontinued and are SOLD OUT. We appreciate your continued support of Market America as we prepare to bring you the hottest trends and colors in the beauty industry.

Motives 7-Piece Essential Brush Set | Code: 31MBR

Motives Acrylic Face Palette (15 Well) – Empty | Code: 25074

Motives Angled Eyeliner Brush | Code: 34MBR
This was replaced by the newly branded version brush.

Motives Bronzing Lotion | Code: 100MST

Motives Crème Blush
Fiji | Code: C100MCB

Motives Empty Mineral Powder Brush | Code 017

Motives Eye Blender Brush | Code 36MBP

Motives Eye Candy Crème Eye Shadow
Butterscotch | Code: 194MCES

Motives Full Color Lip Shine
Tease | Code: 263MLS

Motives Full Coverage Photo Finish Pressed Powder
Tan | Code: 314MFP

Motives Gem Dust
Sterling | Code: 103MLES

Motives Glitter Pot
Lagoon Blue | Code: 105MEG

Motives Khol Eyeliner
Deep Sea Blue | Code: 41MEP

Motives Limited Edition Eye Shadow Palette
Parisian Nights | Code: 105MQ
Mixed Berries | Code: 110MQ
Safari | Code: 108MQ

Motives Lip Boost
Rare | Code: 15MP
Rebel | Code: 12MP
Riot | Code:  11MP
Risk | Code: 10MP

Motives Liquid Correction Concealer
Dark | Code: 004MLCC

Motives Luxe Crème Eye Shadow
Metal | Code: C190MCES

Motives Makeup Sponges | Code: 20129

Motives Mineral Lipstick
A-Lister | Code: 141ML
After Hours | Code: 140ML
Brilliant | Code: 101ML
Classic | Code: 104ML
Entrepreneur | Code: 107ML
Fearless | Code: 106ML
Fierce | Code 108ML
Orange Coral | Code: 117ML
Prodigy | Code: 100ML
Park Avenue | Code: 128ML
Revolutionary | Code: 103ML
Visionary | Code: 102ML

Motives Mineral Pressed Blush
Innovative | Code: 101MB
Instinctive | Code: 100MPB
Intuitive | Code: 102MPB

Motives Moisture Rich Lipstick
Divine (La La) | Code: 104MLMRL
Spiced | Code: 115MRL

Motives Paint Pot Mineral Eye Shadow
Elle | Code: 102MPPES
Vogue | Code: 103MPPES

Motives Pressed Blush
Sun Goddess | Code: 191MB

Motives Pressed Eye Shadow
Black Tie | Code: 132MES
Dreamy | Code: 113MES
Dusk | Code: 110MES
Ecstasy | Code: 158MES
Forbidden | Code: 156MES
Green Apple | Code: 134MES
In the Buff | Code: 155MES
Pink Gold | Code: 101MES
Stardust | Code: 166MES
Star Struck | Code: 169MES

Motives Pucker Up Lip Plumper
Red Velvet | Code: 04MP

Motives Red My Lips Lip Quad | Code: 100MLQ

Motives Retractable Lip & Eye Brush | Code: 44MBR

Motives Rich Formula Lipstick
Burnt Sienna | Code: 236ML
Classy | Code: 113MRL
Cotton Candy | Code: 207ML
Flesh | Code: 233ML
Frosty Coral | Code: 231ML
Go Red | Code: 239ML
Lolita | Code: 200ML
Magenta | Code: 218ML
Naked | Code: 221ML
Natural | Code: 216ML
Nude | Code: 222ML
Pink Pearls | Code: 226ML
Raspberry Burst | Code: 230ML
Red Coral | Code: 237ML
Venetian Red | Code: 201ML

Motives for La La Mineral Lipstick
V.I.P. | Code: 110MLML

Motives Glitter Pot
Moon Dust | Code: 110MEG

Motives Seasonal Eye Shadow Palettes:
Motives Fantasy Palette | Code: PRESH9
Motives Secret Moments Palette | Code: PRESH12
Motives Red Carpet Palette | Code: PRESH14
Motives for La La Muse Palette | Code: 2013MLEP
Motives for La La Secret Fantasies Palette | Code: 2013MLSF
Motives for La La Behind the Scenes Palette | Code: 2014MLBE

Motives Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover | Code: 04WER

Motives Professional Nail Grooming Set | Code: 101MNA

Lumière de Vie Powerful Trio Kit | Code: 12211

Matriskin Collagen Serum MP | Code: 11215

MINE by Loren Ridinger | Code: 09MINE

Fixx Skincare Essentials Kit | Code: 12527

Fixx Skin Soother | Code: 12526

* Last updated on 5/22/2016.

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