Grey Smokey Eye Tutorial with the Motives Mavens Element


Applying the smokey eye look is one of the fastest ways to enhance your appearance. This is the first video in Amanda Miller‘s series of videos showing the versatility of the Motives Mavens Element Palette.

  1. Apply Motives Eye Base to your lids. This will keep your eye shadow from creasing and will make the pigment stand out more. Additionally, it will allow your eye shadow to last all day.
  2. Apply the color “Shell”, from the Motives Mavens Element palette, all over your eye lids from your lash-line up to your brow bone. This color will even out your skin and will provide a base for the rest of your eye makeup.
  3. Next, apply the color “Native”, using the same brush, in a wind-sheild-wiper motion in the crease. Apply two coats to give your eyes more definition and dimension.
  4. Now, use the same brush. Apply the “Grey” from the Element Palette by pressing it into your lash-line. Don’t worry about any fallout. You’ll clean it up in a later step. Next, go ahead and brush back and forth to blend it all together.
  5. Use Motives Makeup Remover Towelettes to clean up any of the fallout from under your eyes. Blend the “Grey” again where the makeup remover left an edge.
  6. Apply VitaShield Intensive Eye Firming Treatment below your eyes to keep the skin moisturized.
  7. Use a small angled brush to line your eyes with the matte “Black” eye shadow from the Element Palette. Use the brush to stamp the eye shadow along your lines.
  8. Use Motives Crème Concealer in Light Amber (for light skin) just below your eyes to provide highlight and to cover any darkness. Use thin layers and build as needed.
  9. Set the concealer with Motives Mineral Dual Foundation in Medium to set the concealer so it will not separate or move all day.
  10. Use the same angled brush, dipped in the “Grey”, to line your lower lash-lines. Use the “Black” on the outer edges. Thenm press a little bit of the color “Shell” into the corners of your eyes (tear ducts).
  11. Take care of your brows, using the Motives Essential Brow Kit.
  12. Apply some Motives Lustrafy Mascara in Blackout  and you are done.

Amanda Miller is an Illinois and St. Louis based Makeup artist and licensed aesthetician. She is experienced in commercial, bridal, editorial, runway, special events and video. Additionally, Amanda is a Motives Pro Artist on my Motivated Style team. Please follow Amanda Miller Makeup Artistry on YouTubeFacebookInstagram, and Twitter

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