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Developing Your Motives Cosmetics Business

For the first time ever, we met the man behind the scenes of La La Anthony’s business machine, Christian Vazquez, La La Anthony’s brother. Christian, La La, and Loren deconstructed the most lucrative concept for Motives consultant: the Pop-Up Shop. La La signed a salon up as a distributor and converted it into a Motives store, allowing people to use the makeup. Christian used social media to broadcast events held at the Pop Up Shop including a launch party, a make- up party, and a wrap up party over the course of a week. The minor investment turned into a major success, and a concept any distributor can use for their business.

If you are interested in learning more about Earning with Motives Cosmetics, check out the three ways you can earn:

  1. You can launch your won Beauty Business as a Motives Beauty Advisor
  2. Become a Motives Pro Artist or
  3. Get Started with Motives and Me, our program for teens 14-18 years of age


  1. I want to work with motives cosmetics

    • Pardeep,

      I am very sorry, we do not currently have operations in India.

      Currently we can only register new distributors in the following countries:

      The Americas:
      United States
      Dominican Republic

      United Kingdom

      Asia Pacific:
      Hong Kong
      New Zealand

      You may purchase Motives Cosmetics products online via http://global.shop.com. They will ship products to India.

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