Spotlight: Lumière de Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

Volcanic-Exfoliating-Mask-12202Lumière de Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask is formulated to detoxify, enhance skin’s glow, and dramatically improve tone and radiance. Utilizing rare earth elements and infused with AHA complex and the natural oil-absorbing power of kaolin and bentonite clays, this treatment creates a balanced, detoxifying/exfoliating action that leaves skin glowing, revitalized and healthy. This intensive treatment will resurface and reduce fine line and wrinkles, as well as brighten and smooth skin’s texture.

Results you can expect:

  • Soothes the skin with allantoin, sweet almond oil, olive fruit oil, and beta-glucan
  • Antioxidants from green tea and bilberry help protect against the effects of environmental stress on the skin
  • Promotes cell renewal for fresher and more vibrant skin
  • Hydrates the skin intensely
  • Refines skin texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Skin that reflects light with new radiance

Beta-Glucan, Perfection Peptide-3TM (hexanoyl dipeptide-3 norleucine acetate), glycolic acid, lactic acid, sodium PCA, sweet almond oil

PerfectionPeptide P3 

  • Specifically breaks the bonds between dead cells at the surface of the skin
  • Exfoliates the skin for a smoother, more radiant complexion
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • As verified in several clinical studies, the natural peeling effect of PerfectionPeptide P3 can minimize the appearance of imperfections, irregularities and aging signs
  • Promotes healthy cell renewal for fresher, more vibrant-looking skin

You can purchase Lumière de Vie  exclusively at Motives 

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