Introducing Lumière de Vie Skincare


Lumière de Vie, the new skincare line from Amber Ridinger, was officially introduced at the Market America World Conference (#MAWC2013) in Miami, FL on January 31st – February 1st. This new line of skin care is designed to promote the natural healing process to rejuvenate all skin types and complexions!

This revolutionary line initially launched with the five products listed. We’ve updated this post to include information about how to apply them and in what order.

Lumière de Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask :
Lumière de Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask is formulated to detoxify, enhance skin’s glow, and dramatically improve tone and radiance. Utilizing rare earth elements and infused with AHA complex and the natural oil-absorbing power of kaolin and bentonite clays, this treatment creates a balanced, detoxifying/exfoliating action that leaves skin glowing, revitalized and healthy. This intensive treatment will resurface and reduce fine line and wrinkles, as well as brighten and smooth skin’s texture.

Application: 1 to 2 times per week as desired.

Lumière de Vie Illuminating Fading Fluid :
Lumière de Vie Illuminating Fading Fluid is a powerful formula that instantly illuminates the skin, while it minimizes the appearance of dark spots and reduces the appearance of redness. Transform the skin with a powerful hydrating complex that leaves the skin soft and provides optimal hydration. Potent properties reduce the appearance of aging and refine tone. Restore radiance for a flawless complexion.

Application: Apply to freshly cleaned skin twice daily.

Lumière de Vie Serum Concentrate :
Lumière de Vie Serum Concentrate is the next generation skincare that utilizes nature and science with potent lighteners, powerful antioxidants and the power of the sea. Potent extracts that promote healthy skin collagen for firmer-looking skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines, delivering extreme radiance, clarity and renewal.

Application: Apply twice daily after Illuminating Fading Fluid.

Lumière de Vie Intensive Hand & Body Crème:
Lumière de Vie Intense Rejuvenation Crème is a super hydrating, intensive repair treatment developed for chronically stressed skin and designed to work with the skin’s renewal process. An ultra rich, fast-absorbing formula specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots as it imparts skin with improved radiance and newly-found firmness.

Application: Apply morning and night for optimal results, after the Serum Concentrate.

Lumière de Vie Eye Balm :
Lumière de Vie Eye Balm helps to soothe and reduce the appearance of puffiness, while deeply conditioning and hydrating the delicate eye area. The appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores is dramatically improved while helping to firm the skin in the most delicate places.

Application: Using the applicator, sweep onto the eye area in the morning and night. Apply after the Rejuvenation Crème.

Lumiere De Vie Launch
Loren Ridinger and Amber Ridinger announcing Lumier De Vie on stage at the Market America World Conference in Miami on January 31, 2013.

You can purchase Lumière de Vie products now at Motives

For more detailed information, please see our 10 part Lumière de Vie Product Series:

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  1. I am so excited about Lumier De Vie! This product line is going to be the hottest product of all time! The next generation in Skin Care. I love the fact that the ingredients have science to back them up! Thank you Amber and Loren~!

  2. Just opened my box and tried the products. I cannot believe how wonderful my skin feels from the first time using them. Incredible! I anticipate great results with longer term use and am so excited to share this with my friends and customers!

  3. Just recieved my products today. I ordered the serum to get rid of my deep wrinkles. The smell was amazing and it feels so great. I swear my skin was so soft. I love it!!

  4. Hi
    I would like to order your products, but I would like to know what cleanser and toner to use. I would like to purchase all 5 products.
    Did you have a cleanser and toner too in this line of skin care?

  5. Lumière de Vie does not include cleanser and toner at this time. It is designed to be used with any of our other skincare lines.

    I am 44 with healthy skin and I use the Skintelligence line. This is a great general purpose skincare line for younger, healthy skin.

    Skintelligence® Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion
    Skintelligence Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion is a water-activated, deep cleansing emulsion that penetrates beneath the skin’s surface to loosen and dissolve dirt, makeup and oil. Formulated with gentle, natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile extract and lavender extract, Skintelligence Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion soothes the skin as it cleanses without clogging pores.

    Skintelligence® pH Skin Normalizer
    Proper pH balance is essential for your skin to perform its primary function as a barrier. Under normal conditions, the surface of human skin is acidic with a pH ~5. This low pH value is maintained in several different ways, including through the production of free fatty acids during cell maturation, and secretion of fatty acids and lactic acid in sweat. This acidic pH helps to protect the skin against micro-organisms and to maintain the skin’s natural barrier function. Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer assists your skin in maintaining a normal pH level and promotes your skin’s natural ability to resist the effects of pollution and other environmental conditions.

    Formulated and pH-balanced with some natural extracts, Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer promotes clean, smooth, balanced and moisturized skin. This alcohol-free formula exfoliates dead skin cells and removes traces of dirt, makeup and other impurities which clog pores. Additionally, Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer supports elasticity and an even skin tone.

    If you are older or have damaged skin then I would recommend Cellular Laboratories:

    Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Facial Cleanser
    Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Facial Cleanser is a botanical-rich, foaming cleanser for the face that gently dissolves dead skin cells and exfoliates without stripping the skin. Using a cleanser morning and night helps to promote normal regeneration of healthy cells, while soothing and keeping the skin nourished and beautiful.

    This versatile, anti-aging formula leaves the skin nourished and hydrated to promote a healthy, vibrant and youthful-looking complexion. This perfect blend of ingredients utilizes Keratoline and Renovage to promote telomere stabilization and DNA maintenance; plus algae extract, a non-comedogenic moisturizer, that helps to boost the skin’s moisture retention as it gently dissolves makeup and impurities from the skin.

    Cleansing is a vital part of the skincare regimen. Throughout the day and as we sleep, our body produces and accumulates waste. In order to purify, refresh and maintain the skin, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The more mature the skin, the deeper the crevices for dirt to hide. Be sure to deep clean with Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Facial Cleanser, specifically designed to work wonders on all skin types. Without a great cleanser, debris builds, clogging pores, inhibiting regular collagen production, and enhancing lines and wrinkles.

    Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Toner
    The anti-aging formula, Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Toner, helps to provide moisture in the skincare regimen. Toner is a key step in an effective skincare regimen; it follows the application of the cleanser to double-check that all traces of dirt and impurities have been removed, allowing skin to breathe and generate the proper collagen, elastin and moisture needed for healthy, radiant, youthful-looking skin.

  6. I look forward to doing my daily/night routine now that I started using these product. The smell, the feel of the facial serum is amazing. My skin has never look so bright and glowing 🙂