Colorful Cut Crease Tutorial Using Mesmerize and If You Dare

Ely Marino Colorful Cut Crease Here is a gorgeous, colorful cut crease tutorial created by Motives Maven Ely Marino using ALL Motives! Get the look:

  1. Begin by applying “Native” from the Motives Mavens Element Palette slightly above the crease! This will help us map out our shape (Follow your own natural eye shape).
  2. Using a mix of Motives Pressed Eye Shadows in “Vino” and “Chocolight,” apply slightly underneath “Native” and blend, extending the color outward for an elongated eye.
  3. Taking Motives Khol Eyeliner in “Angel” apply over the lid and blend with your finger to get even coverage! (This base will help the colors really pop) Take a mix of both Motives Pressed Eye Shadows in “Crème Fresh” and “Blizzard” and apply to the inner part of the eye.
  4. Taking Motives Paint Pot Mineral Eye Shadows in “If You Dare,” “Mesmerize” and Motives for La La Shimmer in “Naughty Mauve” apply on the lid, overlapping one another slightly (making sure their is a nice transition in between each color).
  5. Apply your eyeliner (as desired) and smudged both “Onyx” and “Naughty Mauve” underneath the lower lash line! Highlight the tear duct area using Motives Paint Pot Mineral Eye Shadow in “Marshmallow.”

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