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Who do you think is the SEXIEST artist?

We think MOTIVES Cosmetics Certified trainer, our business partner, and our very dear friend, Carlos Marrero.


Please vote today!

Simply go to: http://www.miamisexiest.com/p/blog-page_22.html

  1. Click on Sexiest Artist and look for look for:
  2. Carlos Marrero
    Fashion Illustrator
    Cosmopolitan Magazine
    [ Click HERE to vote for Carlos Marrero ] 
  3. That link should open an email to miamisexiest@gmail.com. IF not, you can manually send it.
  4. Type on subject line Carlos Marrero (Sexiest Artist nominee)on the subject line to count as one vote.

The voting system is a little tricky so the manual email method described is probably your best bet. 

The event will be covered by Telemundo 43 and NBC, and will be filmed into a 1 Hour Special…

Spread the word to your friends and help our friend win!

Also Please vote for our other friends:

Sexiest MakeUp Artist (Screenwork for TV & Film):
Claudia Betancur
Brand Ambassador for L’Oreal Paris
Creative Consultant for Motives Makeup
Editor for Venue Magazine

Sexiest TV Personality:
Silvana Carmargo
“Con Estilo – Telediario. Telemundo 43

Sexiest Actors / Actress:
Robynn Lin Fredericks
“Homecoming” The Movie