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Tutorial: Motives Liquid Gold Shimmer

Motives Liquid Gold Shimmer is a fun way to highlight your assets! Check out Amanda’s brief tutorial on where you can place this fun product to enhance your favorite features.

Primary Benefits of Motives® Liquid Gold Shimmer:

  • Highlight desired features, especially cheeks and eyes
  • Illuminate skin by adding shimmer to eyes, cheeks or body
  • Disguise fine lines and imperfections by deflecting and diffusing light

Motives Liquid Gold Shimmer will add shimmer to any look. With the easy-to-use, roll-on applicator, create a sparkle to accentuate eyes, cheeks, shoulders and anywhere you want to shimmer! Motives Liquid Gold Shimmer is also a great base to any eye shadow, glitter or blush. Get Motives Liquid Gold Shimmer for a look that glistens!

How do I use Motives® Liquid Gold Shimmer?

  • Use as a highlighter or base for a look that glows
  • Using the roll-on applicator, apply shimmer to eyes or cheeks
  • Blend with Motives® Powder Brush or clean fingertips for a flawless shimmer
  • Apply to shoulders for added glam

How do I add Motives® Liquid Gold Shimmer to my foundation?

  • Remove the roll-on cap
  • Pour a small amount of shimmer into foundation and blend
  • Apply for all-over illumination