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The Motives Euphoria Collection Has Arrived

Introducing the Motives Spring Summer 2020 Euphoria Campaign!!

Euphoria. A state of pure happiness. An intoxicating feeling of bliss. A calming sensation of delight. Motives Spring Summer 2020 Euphoria Campaign was created to help you embrace your own euphoric state and to remember the divine moments that bring you peace and serenity.

The Motives Euphoria Eye Shadow Palette is blissfully filled with eight, soft, alluring shades that blend together naturally for effortless looks. Whether you are in a peaceful or playful mood, this selection of euphoric shades is just what you need to sweep you into a fresh, new season.

The Euphoria Eye Shadow Palette includes the following shades (from top left):

  • Intoxicating: a dusty red clay
  • Delight: a shimmery sage green
  • Calm: a neutral ivory shimmer
  • Bliss: a light apricot matte
  • Serenity: a warm mustard matte
  • Essence: a shimmery blue metallic
  • Divine: a shimmery gunmetal
  • Allure: a dusty wisteria purple

Vibrant and subdued colors combine beautifully in this six well Motives® Euphoria Blush Palette to give you endless options for the cheekiest of cheeks this spring. Mix, match and blend shades to give shimmer or create new color for even more multi-dimensional looks that are right on trend.

The Euphoria Blush Palette includes the following shades (from top left):

  • Glee: a warm golden
  • Paradise: a neutral cream
  • Exhilarate: a light rose shimmer
  • Elated: a deep coral rust
  • Thrive: a dusty mauve
  • Felicity: a playful magenta

Get euphoric with this limited-edition cream lipstick showcased in a special paper lipstick case which is not only super flirty, but also more environmentally conscious as it uses significantly less plastic than traditional packaging.