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Introducing Motives Lip Bundles

Available in 8 Shade Combinations

Hand selected and curated by our very own Motives Certified Trainers, the Motives Lip Bundles are here to fit your unique personality and style. Offered at a special discount, these bundles help take all the guesswork out of trying to figure out which lipstick to pair with what.

Blushing Bride

Motives Lip Crayon in Dusty Rose, Motives Ultra Matte Lipstick in Seduced, Motives Maven Mattes in She’s A Doll, Motives Lip Candies in Cotton Candy: Both for the bride-to-be and the hopeless romantic, these sultry neutral shades with a pop of flirty pink are sure to please.


Motives Lip Crayon in Truffle, Motives Mineral Lipstick in Rosewood, Motives All Day Liquid Mattes in Guava, Motives Lip Candies in Tarte: If you’re a free spirit who does life on your own terms, you’ll love these earthy colors paired with a twist of bright pink and purple florals.


Motives Lip Crayon in Mocha, Motives Collagen Core Lipstick in Motivated, Motives Maven Mattes in Daddy’s Girl, Motives Lip Candies in Rock Candy: The Classic Bundle Offers you a subtle confidence that boosts your lips and your mood just the right amount in every social situation.


Motives Lip Crayon in Retro Red, Motives All Day Liquid Stick in Seduction, Motives Ultra Matte Lipstick in Sex Pot, Motives Lip Candies in Lollipop: Choose the Metropolitan Lip Bundle because sometimes bold is the only way to go when making moves in the big city.

Millionaire Mindset

Motives Lip Crayon in Raspberry, Motives Velvet Lipstick in Twerk, Motives Maven Mattes in Mocktail, Motives Lip Candies in Jawbreaker: When you need your look to reflect your ambition, this edgy & powerful collection of color will not disappoint!


Motives Lip Crayon in Passion, Motives for La La Moisture Rich Lipstick in Impatient, Motives All Day Liquid Mattes in Dragon Fruit, Motives Lip Candies in Candy Bar: For looks that kill and lips that keep them guessing, you’ll love this vampy edge.


Motives Lip Crayon in Retro Red, Motives for La La Mineral Lipstick in Manhattan, Motives Maven Mattes in Sorry, Not Sorry, Motives Lip Candies in Milk Chocolate: When life throws you curves, remind yourself that YOU are worth it! This powerful color combo can transform your presence in any social situation.


Motives Lip Crayon in Neutral, Motives Velvet Lipstick in Fetch, Motives Maven Mattes in Reveal Me, Motives Lip Candies in Butterscotch): For those of you who want your actions to speak louder than your lipstick – It’s OK to tone it down on the lips to turn it up in the workplace.